How My Father's Cancer Changed My Life

My Own personal rebellion...

If you have been following my work for years, hello again! It’s been almost exactly one year since my last newsletter. Wow. Thank you for still being part of my world, and for sharing in this incredibly profound journey. 

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I’m sure you’re wondering about my subject line and how my father’s stage 4 cancer has completely changed my life. I’ve written this letter in my head so many times, and I am finally ready to actually talk about it. 

This is my father's second bout of stage 4 cancer. This time though, there is only one road, and it will ultimately lead to his freedom of body, mind and spirit. 

This past year has been so incredibly difficult on so many levels. On the most basic level, to simply witness my father’s suffering has been heartbreaking.  


He is my first love, hero and my best friend. In many ways, my father is my soulmate. As a modern day Indiana Jones (and I am not exaggerating), my father has traveled around the world in search of treasure, and on a quest to make his dreams come true. He has lived more lives in his one lifetime than most people ever dream. He was the lead singer of a band in the late 60’s and early 70’s called, The SundownersCaptain Nemo was Decca Records FIRST rock album! My dad toured with The Monkees, as well as Jimmy Hendrix and many others. You can check out their big hit Always You on Youtube. You can also listen to Let It Be Me. I like this one the best. In Let It Be Me you can really hear his beautiful voice.  I wish I had recordings of his other songs. This album doesn’t really show what an incredible singer he really was. Regardless, it’s cool!

The biggest gift my father has given me is a lesson in courage. A lesson on what it takes to be true to oneself. To reach for our dreams and goals no matter what. Like any of us, he has his flaws, but his goodness far outweighs his faults. 

If we do not love with our whole being, what is the point of anything in this world? We must live for truth, and the undeniable rhythm and beating of our own drum. 

CHOICE is the most powerful tool we have in our tool box. 

Being present to my father’s journey in life has taught me about the power of love and forgiveness. It has taught me about the courage needed to look truth and our demons directly in the eye. 

It is our birthright to have love. It is our birthright  to live a life we are HAPPY to be part of; a life where we dance to OUR OWN unique rhythm. 

What are YOUR dreams? 

Are you doing what makes YOU happy on a soul level? 

Are you LIVING in a way that makes you feel grateful and happy to be who YOU are meant to be? 

Are you HAPPY? 

Do you FEEL amazing? 

If you answered NO to ANY of these questions, then I ask you to take a journey with me into finding YOUR pleasure. 


It is understanding that the CHOICES we make everyday support and empower us in feeling AMAZING; or not. 

STOP feeling GUILTY for who you are and for what you want. 

It’s time to take your power back. It’s time to stand in YOUR pleasure and LIVE a life that truly makes you feel HAPPY and ALIVE. 

We will all die someday. Make the choice TODAY to live a life that leaves you breathless with joy; a life that has you feeling TURNED ON and TUNED IN.

Get triggered, (what? I thought we were talking about pleasure?) ... get your buttons pushed and get HONEST with me because that’s the ONLY way to GET to YOUR HAPPY PLACE. 

Make GUILT-FREE choices in food, in relationships, and in a life that brings IMMEDIATE results.

Taking control of our health does not have to be a punishment. For years I thought it did, and I'm here now to tell you that it does NOT have to be some punitive action. It CAN be pleasurable.


It all begins with a CHOICE.