There are no rules, only choices©

Gabrielle with her twin boys, Alexander and Maximillian

Gabrielle with her twin boys, Alexander and Maximillian

Hi, I’m Gabrielle, your guide and Pleasure Coach to all things pleasurable.

Many experiences have shaped my perspective on life. Being a mother has been the most transformational experience of all. Nothing brings me more pleasure than the love for my sons. 

Although my journey began long before, I’ve spent the last 15 years dedicated to the path of self discovery. It’s truly a passion of mine to help people achieve incredible results by helping them to courageously walk their own paths of evolution and self discovery. As a mother, I am wholly dedicated to this path, and I am inspired to be part of community that helps build a vibrant future; not only for my sons, but for their children and their children’s children, and so on.

I have thrived through a great deal of challenges, and the truth is, THERE ARE NO RULES, ONLY CHOICES©. We live in a world of cause and effect. If there is one thing we can absolutely count on, it is this; our choices dictate how rocky, mountainous or smooth our journeys will be. And, just because we may have chosen to climb an arduous mountain, does not mean that we will experience hardship. Perhaps the mountain is an adventure that stimulates and evokes an internal fire, bringing about tremendous transformation. As you let go and plainly look out over the peaks and dip into the valleys, you might wonder if any of the journey could be considered “bad”? 

If we allow it to, letting go can be filled with inexplicable joy and breathtaking beauty. 

“You continue to inspire me to love big and be my dreams. Thank you for THAT glow! xo”
— Jonathan Carl

Our relationship to challenges, people, food, love, and life in general is all about perspective. The view finders we wear show the same view of each area of our life. With this understanding, it’s clear that with any radical perspective shift or significant change in mindset, everything looks different! 

Let love guide you. Love of Self, that is.  I choose to live my life and I teach my sons to live theirs by this adage.

How we choose to live is a direct reflection of our love of self. We can not fully show up to the world if we are unable to show up for the most important person, ourself. When I show up to take care of myself with love as the juice that grows the roots of my family, so do my children. This means looking directly at our nutrition, our living environment and our community, as well as the state of our planet. I intentionally look through the lens of “what choice can I make in this moment that will empower the best in self?”, and therefore, the best in my children, the people around us, our community, and that which extends across the globe. 

When we make the choice to love ourselves fiercely, only then can we show up as a happy, healthy, balanced human, mother, father, wife, husband, sister, brother, lover, friend. By showing up to truly love ourselves, we empower our sons and daughters to LOVE THEMSELVES. This may mean making really hard decisions, or not! It is from this space ONLY, that true confidence will be nurtured, and the true spirit of individuality be supported. 


“There are no rules, only choices.” © 
— Gabrielle Brick

The philosophy of a grassroots movement is that we as individuals can make great impacts with our choices. In short, it only takes ONE person to create a ripple effect. ONE Life. ONE Love. 

It is my belief that FOOD is the quintessential, alchemical KEY to total transformation.

At its most basic level, the food we consume illustrates how we show self love. What we put into our body has the potential to hugely activate our mind, body and spirit. To the extent at which we can allow this activation, is a direct reflection of the personal, microcosmic world that surrounds us.

To know where our food comes from and how it is grown has the potential to bring a deep awareness both to the self, as well as to our impact on the Earth. It provides us with an opportunity to understand cause and effect, and how the two directly relate to our relationship with our body, mind, and the planet. Whether you wish to imbibe and create food for yourself, or you desire to create and offer products for others to enjoy and experience, it all comes back to the same thing; what is great for the body is great for the mind and spirit.

The products that I've created, as well as the products I choose to support, are eco, green and sustainable options. These products and the coaching programs I created were born out of the desire to share the secrets I have acquired throughout many years of study, life experience, and training with Masters. 

This is why I've created The ONE Fudge Raw Chocolate Bar, Sun & Moon Organics and 'Avatar, A Superfood Snack for The Hero in You.' All of these products are made from the highest quality, fair trade ingredients, are non-GMO, and always ORGANIC. The products that I've created, as well as the products I choose to support, are eco, green and sustainable options. These products and the coaching programs I created were born out of the desire to share the secrets I have acquired throughout many years of study, life experience, and training with Masters.

It has been one long, wild adventure, filled with brilliant gems gathered from various learning opportunities along the way. I am infinitely grateful to all my friends, and to those in my family who have been, and continue to be, principal players in my evolution.  

Professional Bio:

Gabrielle is a Raw Nutritionist, Transformation and Executive Coach. She has 20 years of experience in coaching people to their optimal state of well being having started out as a professionally trained dancer for 25 years and a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Fitness Association. After healing her own chronic health issues, including depression and addictive patterns, Gabrielle went on to help many heal from their own chronic health and emotional challenges. Her ability to help people overcome and transform their lives is derived from her ability to help people re-discover their authentic self by leading them on a journey through holistic nutrition and radical self love.  

Gabrielle is an Ambassador at the BodyMind Institute with David Wolfe, and has founded the program, Prosperity of Wellbeing™. She's studied with masters in the fields of Nutrition, Longevity, Superfoods, Herbalism, Medical Qi Gong, Psychology, NLP, Life Coaching, and Landmark. She has been asked by various institutes to create nutrition programs, and has lead seminars across the United States and Canada. Gabrielle’s highly acclaimed program, The Alchemy of Self™, has changed the lives of hundreds of people. Gabrielle, considered a celebrity in her field, has been featured as an expert on National Television with shows on E! TV and WE TV.  She also created three organic, raw, vegan, health food lines, The ONE Fudge Chocolate BarSun & Moon Organics Superfood Mixes and 'Avatar, A Superfood Snack for The Hero In You!' that were sold online, in Whole Foods Markets and in hundreds of stores across the Nation.

As an Executive Coach, Gabrielle has also founded the comprehensive program for entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners through her 'Global Network of Eco Conscious Shoppers & Entrepreneurs'Healthy Product Hub™ Product Launch Program, that offers a complete step-by-step guide on how to launch a healthy food and or eco green product into the market place, having helped several entrepreneurs to bring their dreams to Light. 

She is also a proud mother of twin boys living in the NY countryside with her sons and rescued kitties. In her free time Gabrielle volunteers for a non-profit rescue organization, CATS. Gabrielle has a private practice offering her coaching programs via Skype, globally as well as in person for VIP Mentorships.

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