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A most wonderful time spent,

with my friend Jasmine, founder of the leading edge eco-hair-repair and color technology, HairprintĀ®. 

She asked me a series of questions that offered me the opportunity to share from the heart, to share my vulnerability. I have a deep love and appreciation for having been able to share in this way.  


Youā€™ve been in full mama mode these past years, what have you learnED through this experience that can help other women on this journey?

ā€œBeing a mother is the biggest life changing event I think we as women will ever go through. To grow a human and then raise one, which at times feels like we are being raised by our children, self love is the biggest, loudest lesson that plays over and over again. Self love is so fundamentally important to our health and to raising healthy children. It shows up in simple ways and in complex waysā€¦ like getting enough sleep, eating properly, taking time out to be alone with self, to the complex in remembering who we are, not getting lost in motherhood and breathing life into our dreams, remembering what it is like to be a hot sexy woman lol - this is so, so important in maintaining a fabulous relationship with a spouse or loverā€¦ and of course self. It is *so* easy to forget and to become totally consumed with being a mother. Remembering who we are as our individual self, having fun, laughing, dressing up, allowing ourselves pleasureā€¦ these are the ways we not only get to be the best version of ourselves, but it is how we raise exceptional children. Remember who you areā€¦ beautiful, powerful, strong, soft, tender, sensual, a safe space for self and for the world to rest their weary heads.

ā€” Gabrielle

What characteristics in a woman epitomize beauty for you?

ā€œWhen a women knows who she is and is unashamed to be herself - unedited - that is so awe inspiring and beautiful. When she is humble in her beauty but yet totally aware of who she isā€¦ itā€™s a powerful thing to witness. One of my most favorite things to witness is a women being kind and tender to a man. I think the world has gotten a little over-heated with the ā€˜feminine risingā€™ ā€¦ nothing is more feminine then having the strength and courage in allowing a man to be his fully expressed, masculine, self. Something that raising boys has driven in pretty deeply. There is no need to fear a man or his power - when we emasculate a man - we are trying to steal his power because we ultimately feel unsafe in our own. To give a man some of our own power, for example to lift him up and allow him to be fully masculine, we in turn become the epitome of the Divine Feminine. There is nothing more beautiful then to be a strong, tender, kind, fully empowered woman. It is what all men live forā€¦ and what we as women, strive to achieve.

ā€” Gabrielle

What are the core principles you have adopted as a lifestyle that have had dramatic changes in your life?

ā€œDedication and flexibility are core principles that have been monumental in changing my life. We have to be dedicated to our path, to our dreams, to truth. It is the only way to achieve that which truly fulfills us. Having said that, being dedicated does not mean becoming rigid, flexibility is the key. Understanding, that in order to be dedicated to our path, we must also be flexible in how ā€˜we thinkā€™ we can or will get there is the secret recipe in achieving our dreams.

ā€” Gabrielle

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