Our Struggle with Lyme's Disease

Hemp Oil has undeniably changed my life.

My sons and I struggled with Lyme Disease for the last two years. One of my sons suffered terribly, and I watched as the medical community continued to prescribe medication that only made him weaker and more sick. 

I do not wish Lyme suffering on my worst enemy, even if I had one. To watch my child suffer was my own indescribable hell. I researched and researched, afraid to pump my child full of herbs that could have their own reactions, yet terrified by the harm the medications were already having on my son's body.

I became the observer asking myself, “why am I going against everything I believe in?”. 

Fear was the only answer I could find, so I began to ask God, Great Spirit, Source – “please give me a sign".

As God would have it, a conversation with another mother led me to a Master Herbalist who saved my son's life. In fact, we all ended up getting better.

Throughout the last two years, all three of us have experienced times when our immune systems were weakened, and we would all relapse. It was much less intense with the herbs, but significant nonetheless. Since Lyme affects both cognitive function and the physical body, intense moods swings, severe headaches and joint pain were just some of the side effects we dealt with on a consistent basis. 

Diet was a huge part of helping us to remain in a balanced state, as well as keeping the side effects at bay. With a healthy diet and lifestyle, we were able to continue living symptom free for up to two months at a time. Regardless, the herbs were needed to prevent the pain, mood swings and loss of appetite from spinning out of control.

I continued to ask for something that would give me and my sons' bodies a colossal boost. What could potentially STOP all of the side effects from ever returning again? How could we heal completely?  

As fate would have it, I was gifted a bottle of Hemp Derived CBD oil, a powerful and well researched plant medicine known for its incredible power to offer relief from symptoms associated with auto-immune diseases, cancer, autism and chronic fatigue, just to name a few.

This Hemp Oil has undeniably changed my life and the lives of my children. In just one day, my chronic headaches disappeared for good. A cough I was suffering from for two months was gone within three days, and my son's chronic joint pain also COMPLETELY disappeared. 

This plant’s powerful ability to shift our health has made me feel like I have a secret I NEED to share with the world. 

Healthy, strong, vibrant, powerful health is available to us ALL. 

We must only ask and the door shall be opened. 

I have become deeply passionate about this Hemp Oil, and I'm sincerely dedicated to getting it to everyone who’s in need. 

For more information about this 100% organic, C02 extracted pure Hemp Oil, click HERE. If you would like to set up a call to discuss how this oil can benefit you or someone you know and love, please reply to directly to this email.

Listen to last week's Hemp Oil call recording HERE. 

Take the power of healing into your own hands.