Chocolate Comfort Food Recipe!

Let’s face it... we all have those days where we want to emotionally eat and comfort ourselves through food. 


This is the beauty of clean eating. It is virtually guilt free! 


It was cold and rainy today, my kids were sick for a couple of days (thank god for homeopathic medicine, essential oils, silver, and garlic extracts) and all I wanted to do today was stuff my face... I mean, emotions. :)


As you know, my motto goes, “There are no rules, only choices.” To pretend that we do not emotionally eat is a disservice to our mental wellbeing, as well as disempowering.  


When we make choices from a place of self love, empowered in knowing what foods can both serve as an emotional pillow and do the body good... well... we have a guilt free, decadent, yum fest. 


We get to support the sometimes necessary emotional eating with a healthy, empowered, nutrient dense choice, that will both serve our escapism as well as the nutritional needs for our body. 


That is the key my friends, to make self-loving, empowered choices, that uplift us even through our emotional eating, comfort food, and sometimes decedent choices. 


Super simple, super healthy, great for kids, moms, dads, and everyone but the dog. 


Are you ready?? 


All you need is : 

Organic Gluten Free Sprouted Seed English Muffins

Coconut Oil

Organic RAW Chocolate Chips


Toast your muffin, slather with coconut oil, generously place raw chocolate chips all over, watch it melt and bask in the glory of your first bite! 

You know you just want to hashtag this sucker #foodporn #rawchocolate #sexyandempowered #comfortfood




P.S. You can pick up a bag of your very own Heirloom Organic Raw Chocolate Chips HERE