Beam Me Up Scotty

Honestly, this is one of the most bomb drinks ever. It is one of those ones that makes me LOVE what I do, where I have been, and what I know about the best way to get the most from your food. Potent. Powerful. Off the hook, ridankulous in nutritional density. And probably more importantly, DELICIOUS... like, I’m talking happy dance delicious! 

This exquisite beauty, is sexy at it best... 

I make this power packed pleasure sip for me and my two angels, which ensures that we get 24 oz each of this sublime whole being fuel. 

Ingredients and how to: 

6 cups Spring Water 

2 cups Organic Coconut Milk

1 Cup Frozen (or fresh) Organic Strawberries 

1 Large Handful of Organic Baby Spinach 

¼ Cup Organic Arriba Nationale Cacao Nibs

3 TBL Sun & Moon Organics FLIRTY Superfood Mix

3 TBL Organic Sun-dried Red Banana Flakes - I Love this powder. It is very versatile and is especially great when there are zero ripe bananas available. 

1 TBL Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 

1 TBL Incan Spirulina Powder 

1 tsp Organic Freeze Dried Kamut Grass Powder 

Pinch of Celtic Sea Salt


Next, blend this beauty in a high powered blender until smooth and creamy. Pour into your fave mug and for you mama’s, some sippie cups for the little ones and BAM... let the happy dance commence! 

I truly love getting my green on, feeling balanced, nourished, clear minded, and full of energy. Just so good to feel sexy and empowered by simply what we choose to imbibe. 

Wishing you a sexy & empowered day with lots of intermittent happy dances!