Moon Time Magic


As women we understand the hard core cravings that can transpire when our moon cycle starts to flow! 

Most of the time I crave chocolate and when I do I only ever indulge in raw, unadulterated chocolate, because that is what has the iron and magnesium our bodies are wanting. 

Here is a little secret... raw chocolate is a delivery system for other foods and herbs. Yup. So When I have it hard and I’m ready to climb Mount Everest just to get one little nib of cacao in my mouth, this is what I make ... Moon Time Magic!

Moon Time Magic is more then just raw chocolate, it is a power packed body slam of superfoods that are designed to support our sexual organs, our hormones, uplift and calm our mood. 

Maca, as you probably know by now, is one of the most powerful foods on the planet to help balance our hormones (male or female). In this recipe I combine herbal extracts from Traditional Chinese Medicine to help support our immune system, rejuvenate our energy, further support our sex organs, and help balance our yin/yang, with cordyceps; then we rejuvenate our kidneys, support the health of our sex organs, calm the nervous system, and give us another source of iron and zinc, with He Shou Wu (pronounced ho-shu-woo).

It’s a revolution, a sisterhood of yum and nourishment, so when you get your craving on and make a powerful tonic to serve your wellbeing, hashtag that baby with some #moontimemagic. :)


RECIPE - 100% Organic and or Wildcrafted Ingredients:

3 TBL Maca

1 TBL Raw Chocolate Chips

½ tsp Cordyceps extract powder

½ tsp He Shou Wu extract powder

xylitol, stevia, or coconut sugar - sweeten to taste

Purified or Spring Water



Place all the dry ingredients (minus raw chocolate chips and sweetener) into a bowl and slowly add water until you reach your desired consistency. I like it similar to the texture of a wet paste or icing. 

Next add your sweetener until you get your desired sweet level. I like to taste the earthy flavors so I add just enough sweetness to curb any bitterness. 

Once you have it to your desired consistency and sweetness, sprinkle the raw chocolate chips over your paste and enjoy!