Some Things Change, Some Things Stay The Same

I found this gem last night while searching boxes of pics for my show days in Vegas. 


I’m still that sassy. It’s just that I traded in boos and cigarettes for Cacao and various other superfoods. 

I love motorcycles, tattoos and Elvis. I love rock n roll and poetry. I love to sit and contemplate our existence over the strum of a Spanish guitar. I love to stare at the Moon and run Wild with other wildlings. I want my children to be just as radical and to maintain their wildness all while brewing homemade Kombucha and tilling the soil to grow Organic biodynamic foods. 

What I’ve discovered over the years is that while many things change and transformation is essential in achieving a life we truly value and love living... other things never change and I like that. 

I still like red lipstick. I just traded the poisonous one for one made with roses. You can still find me wearing leather, buts its vintage and I don’t need to hold the karma of death on my soul. You may even find me grabbing my boobs in a display of “fuck off-ness or eat these” with a smirk on my face bc the coyote is always present, even in the most sacred of ceremonies. You’ll definitely find me on a long dusty open road leaning against a tree with a triumph parked along side ... but you’ll find no boos or cigarettes... you’ll only find me, a thermos full of some ancient Cacao brew and a book of poetry and the microbiome. You’ll find an adventurer willing to explore life to the fullest with an open heart ready to dance with you until the end of time.