Golden Cacao Milk

A Classic Recipe with a Chocolate Twist


This is so simple and takes things to a new level. 

Cacao is a delivery system, so when making anything with cacao, whatever other ingredients we add will be delivered to our body effectively. Another reason to make sure to use quality, organic, ingredients. 

This drink offers a slew of health benefits. Every ingredient is nutrient rich and these are the things you want to take into consideration when creating food to imbibe. Whether it's a liquid or a meal we need to chew. Each ingredient should offer something of value to our body, mind and spirit. 

So many times I see organic products on the market that have great ingredients and then they add 3 different sugars or preservatives and other questionable ingredients. 

Eating healthy is simply when we understand it's about whole food ingredients coming together. That's it. Nothing else needed. 

This took all of 5 minutes. 

All you need is a high powered blender and a few ingredients to make this delicious drink that offers the amazing health benefits of turmeric and cacao combined.



2 Cups Spring Water

1/4 Cup Organic Full Fat Coconut Milk

1 TBL Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil

1 TBL Organic Arriba Cacao Butter

3 TBL Organic Arriba Cacao Nibs (I used nibs in this drink; feel free to use cacao paste or powder in place of nibs)

1 tsp Raw Unfiltered Organic Honey

1/2 tsp Organic Turmeric Extract Powder

1/2 tsp Organic Stevia Leaf Powder

Pinch of Celtic Sea Salt 


First you'll want to warm the 2 cups of water. Take it off the heat before it come to a boil so you can put it into your blender without worrying to much about the plastic leaching if at all. 

Next add the coconut oil and butter, then the rest of the ingredients. Blend on high until smooth and frothy. Pour into your favorite vessel and enjoy! 


The Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory with Curcumin as it's main natural compound constituent. This particular extract of turmeric makes this drink that much more powerful with a very high does of curcumin even in a 1/2 tsp. 

Turmeric also dramatically increases the antioxidant capacity of the body. If we think about that for a minute, that is huge. Especially when combined with cacao which is a huge source of antioxidants. Curcumin is also an antioxidant, double the power in one little drink. 

Cacao has 300 compound chemicals that support the function of the body. It's the number 1 food source of Magnesium. Magnesium is the number 1 mineral for the heart. 

Cacao has more calcium then cow milk! Let that sink in for a few minutes. 

Cacao helps improve neurotransmitter function. In essence it improves our cognitive function and helps us feel better. In addition, curcumin promotes growth hormone function in the brain! 

I haven't even gotten into the benefits of the oils used or the sweeteners. This is what I mean by next level health. It is possible to make simply beverages and meals that have even a few powerful ingredients that dramatically increase the function of the body and our overall health. 

So what are you waiting for?? Go brew some up and let me know what you think in the comments below! 


Gabrielle, Your Rebel Rise Mama ;-)