Durian Pudding

I'm having a love affair.... with Durian. LOL and NOT the infamous Durian Rider but DURIAN itself. The unadulterated smelly, spiky, egg like pouch, Taiwanese fruit, DURIAN. I dare you to go out and seek this obvious alien and imbibe on the most luscious, decadent, aphrodisiacs of all time. It will leave you breathless... and completely satisfied....

Durian Pudding


The recipe is quite simple...

* Coconut Meat (from 1 young coconut)

* 2 pods (or pouches) of this glorious egg fruit

* 1 heaping TBL of Maca

Blend in Vita-Mix, Nutribullet, or whatever else is high-tech enough to give you a fluffy like custard quality

Place into wine glass, martini glass, or any fave vessel, sprinkle with cacao nibs and ENJOY!