Mother Tested & Kid Approved!

Instagram Superfood Kids!

Instagram Superfood Kids!

My kids get psyched when the vita-mix goes off as they know mommy is preparing something FUN and YUMMY! The easiest way to get your kids to eat healthy is to EAT WITH THEM! They always want what mommy has, so I make sure I have only the best.

Today's recipe is:

1 Young Coconut

3 Tablespoons Hemp Seeds

1 Tablespoon Chlorella Powder

1/2 teaspoon Wild Chaga Extract 10:1 (will be up in my Superfood Store! Launching this week.)


Blend and pour into kids favorite drinking vessel!

** If you are having trouble getting your kids to eat healthy, make a game out of it. I get all excited and engage the boys, "OMG Guess what mommy is making!! Quick! Go get your sippy cup!" Then when I pour it in I make sure to take a sip and say, "YUM!" ---> get's them every time! ;-)