How To Make Fresh Hemp and Oat Milk!

My sons went crazy for this milk and wanted to drink it right out of the Vita-Mix! (lol) For infants, hemp milk and oat milk is a great alternative to soy formula which can be detrimental to a child's development. If using this recipe as an alternative, be sure to research the appropriate nutrients and vitamins necessary for babies to thrive. As for your older children, this is a wonderful alternative to dairy, especially if there are any allergies associated with dairy. The only dairy I would recommend is a local, grass fed, organic source. Here is a quick "how to" post on how to make Hemp and Oat milk! It's so easy and it takes less then 5 minutes!


1 Cup Organic Hemp Seeds, 1 Cup Organic Oats, 8 Cups Spring Water

hemp/oat milk easy

hemp/oat milk easy

Blend on high for a minute or two and that's it! Voila!

hemp/oat milk finished

hemp/oat milk finished

You can drink it as it is, or you can pour it over chia and eat as a pudding!

Either way it tastes great and is great for you!

Health Benefits:

* Hemp seeds are a great source of bio-available, easy to digest, protein and contain all 10 essential amino acids. 3 Tablespoons of hemp seeds = 11 grams  of protein

*Hemp seeds are high in Omega 6 and 3 which offer anti-inflammatory benefits

*Oats have a special strand of fiber (beta-gluten) which have been known to lower cholesterol

* Oats can help stabilize blood sugar

Some of the Minerals and Vitamins in this Drink:

Vitamin E




 *** This drink is FREE OF : GLUTEN , DAIRY , SOY and can be LOW GLYCEMIC if using stevia or xylitol to sweeten