Gluten Free & Guilt Free!

People always ask me if I am 100% raw. My answer usually goes something like, "I am 100% raw except when I'm not." LOL - yes, I get a few sideways glances ... My point is that I have been living the Raw Superfood Lifestyle for 10 years and I have yet to ever get a cold. All of my ailments went away and my life dramatically improved on EVERY level! Through this 10 year journey, that is still continuing, I discovered that dogma on ANY level was less than supportive.

By now you know that it is my belief that SELF LOVE is the NUMBER 1 ingredient in optimal health. There are no rules, only choices ... and this is a motto I live by! Whole food, organic food, mineral rich food, placed atop a foundation bathed in LOVE is how we become vital! It is the way to longevity! Prayer ... prayer is another key. It is in this prayer of gratitude that we honor ourselves and the food laid out before us.

Today I want to share with you a little about my day, as far as food is concerned. I woke up about 8 AM and took a moment to become present ... I did some stretching and drank 32 oz of spring water with salt and lemon. Next, I ate some fresh fruit ... I have been loving the local organic peaches that are in season! I turned on my computer, then went and stood on the deck to appreciate the breathtaking, panoramic view of the red rocks.

In that space I took time to be grateful for all that I have in this life. After a while, I moseyed my way into the kitchen where I made my Superfood elixir! GOD I love Superfoods!!!

Every morning it varies slightly; today it was:

3 cups Spring Water

1/4 cup Hemp Seeds*

1/4 cup Chia Seeds*

2 TBL Maca

2 TBL Coconut Oil*

1 TBL Lucuma Powder

1 TBL Mesquite Powder

1 TBL Goji Powder Extract

a dash of Cacao nibs*

squeeze of Stevia Vanilla Extract

1 TBL Xylitol* (birch)

(* = Organic , all other ingredients wild crafted)

Oh and 4 ice cubes as it is hot as all get out here in the dessert! I blend this baby up, pour into my 32 oz Mason Jar and yum, yum, yum!

Now its some hours later as this Superfood cocktail usually has me purring like a cat for a solid 4-5 hours ... I am beginning to get a taste for something ... hmmm ... what do I want???

Well here it is ... I want this totally delicious, MOSTLY raw, open face sandwich! Because I believe in opening up the mind to brand new paradigms and I am quite aware that there are no rules and only choices ... I am sharing this recipe to let you know that I love myself so much, I eat only the best food ever!!! I live by what FEELS GOOD and supports the optimal wellness of my being in every capacity.

First I start with gluten free organic bread!


I take this delicious bread made of amaranth, millet, quinoa, filtered water and sea salt and I toast it until its nice and crunchy!

While it is toasting, I pour myself a glass of Kombucha and take two digestive enzymes. I ALWAYS take enzymes when eating anything cooked or any type of heavy raw food meal. This helps the body move things along. I also take probiotics twice a day that have a minimum of 15 billion in potency.

Now back to the gluten free bread that is toasting ... after I pour the Kombucha and take my enzymes, I prep the other veggies and toppings!

First, I grab an organic Granny Smith apple and slice it with my ceramic knife, next I slice my organic local tomato, that is so red and ripe, my mouth is watering just looking at it! Then I open the organic Hass avocado; I keep one half with the pit and cover for later and the other half I cut into slices. Next, I take the RAW ORGANIC GRASS FED goat cheese and slice it paper thin so it will gently melt on the warmed bread!


My bread pops up from the toaster and I begin to layer! First the raw, organic, grass fed, goat cheese, next the tomato, sprinkle my favorite sea salt, then the avocado slices and another sprinkle of salt!

Some may want to add mustard too!

And Viola! I have a tasty nutritious lunch!

If you are going to eat cooked foods, it has been my experience, that best foods to eat are whole foods that are gluten free and organic, made with love in the best way possible. Take your enzymes and help support the body in digestion! It is my belief that even at 100% raw which I am pretty much all of the time, and you can ask my friends as they think I am pretty hard core, it is best to take probiotics and enzymes on a regular basis! Food is just ONE of the keys in optimal nutrition ... clean, high integrity supplements are another, love and gratitude, are yet another set of keys to the vast and wondrous realm of health and vitality!