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3 Steps to Deeper Intimacy & 7 Tops Foods by Gabrielle Brick


 Nutrition is the most basic place in which we can make powerful choices in self love.

Personal Intimacy is the second place. When we choose to peal away the layers that no longer serve and step into the true authenticity of who we are, a whole new world opens up.

Health & Intimacy are the foundations in living a powerful, happy, and inspired life. 

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It was wonderfully affirming and a soothing balm to my soul. Thank you for everything and most of all for being who you are.
— Dr. Anna Michelle

 Transformational Life Coaching

A Private Mentorship Program


Welcome! I am Gabrielle and I'm passionate about helping people discover the potential within, offering a possibility for higher expression of self, getting clear on goals, healing the body and mind, and living your life on purpose.

I will always remember this woman Bernadette, I was young, in my early twenties and working as a personal fitness trainer. One day she looked up at me and said, “I wonder when you will recognize all the potential you have? I wish you could see what I see.”

As you can see, in writing about it now, it is a moment stamped in time. I can see it as clearly as yesterday. That moment was pinnacle in the carving out of my path in this life. It wasn’t uncommon to hear that and back then I didn’t know why. Today... I do know what they saw that I couldn’t see. It’s hard to see our pain sometimes when we are so deeply entrenched. Luckily in this life, we are all surrounded by angles just like Bernadette, who leave a clue on the path of life.

As a Transformational Life Coach, I facilitate a radical awareness of self through a holistic approach in nutrition and a deep dive into the emotional waters of self love, it is here that the wildness of authenticity is evoked. 

This is the fundamental foundation in which you can begin to stand in the Light of who you were meant to be.

I am here to inspire and empower that which lays dormant or un-discovered so that you may begin to emerge from all that is holding you back; birthing forth like a flower, breaking through the fertile ground, to blossom in the Sun.

Through the understanding of holistic nutrition, you decalcify and radically expand into a full breath of self love. It is here that you dive into the power of the Mind and begin to cultivate an irresistible magnetic current, giving you the ability to design a life lived on purpose. 

To read more about who I AM go ahead and click on I AM.... Otherwise you can check out some free recourses by combing through my blog as well as listening to my Podcast, Sexy & Inspired Living; both were designed to support and enhance your journey on this road called life. 💛

If are feeling a bit adventurous and curious to learn more about the type of Mentorship Programs I offer, check out The Alchemy of Self ™

Gabrielle is intelligent, knowledgable, caring, warm, spontaneous, funny, honest, direct, and just ridiculously awesome! My time spent with her was valuable beyond belief. I came to her a broken, unhealthy, and an unhappy person and I parted ways with her a joyous, buoyant, shiny new life-loving individual!
— Kim Wendt

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