"There are no rules in life, only choices."

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3 Steps To Radical Self Love & Wild Authenticity

 I am here to evoke the imagination that resides within ... so as to discover the best, most authentic version of who you are. Join me in the Re-Evolution of Self and dance in the wonder that is You... 

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Private Executive & Transformational Coaching

Welcome! I am Gabrielle, and I'm passionate about facilitating an awareness of self, through holistic nutrition, radical self love and wild authenticity. 


I am here to inspire, empower, and evoke that which lays dormant or un-discovered so that you may begin to create the life of your dreams. Through the understanding and cultivation of radical self love we dive into the power of holistic nutrition and bring balance to the Body, Mind, and Spirit, through The Alchemy of Self ™. When we stand in the wild authenticity of who we are, healthy, vibrant and alive, we have the power to transform our life. In so doing, we transform the world around us. 

I’m a teacher, speaker, coach and author facilitating global programs to support you in the ultimate discovery of self, rooted deeply in Holistic Nutrition, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Transformational Life coaching. Receive the necessary tools to creating an inspired life, lived on purpose.

Comb through my blog for free resources that will support and enhance your journey in holistic nutrition, self discovery and the prosperity that comes with wellbeing.


Gabrielle is intelligent, knowledgable, caring, warm, spontaneous, funny, honest, direct, and just ridiculously awesome! My time spent with her was valuable beyond belief. I came to her a broken, unhealthy, and unhappy person and parted ways with her a joyous, buoyant, shiny new life-loving individual
— Kim Wendt

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