We are the very Temple in which All Life is Created.

We are Wild. We are Strong. We are all that is Free and Untamed.

In our drive to be the perfect mother, we must first remember to show up for ourselves. It is when we show up for ourselves first and stand in our center as a woman, that we inevitably show up as a the best mother ever.


The journey of a mother begins at conception and it lives on until the day we die.

We transform with and in, every stage. It takes undeniable courage and strength. It takes a profound and unshakable sense of self love. 


I am a mother to twin boys. 

Through the initiation and journey of motherhood, and in making a conscious choice to show up for myself so in turn I could show up for my sons, I rediscovered the vitality and sensuality that drives my creative fire. 

This fire fuels and inspires. It is in this space that I am able to be all that I am.  

Breath of the Wild Woman.jpg

Everything we are as a mother stands in the center of knowing who we are as individuals, as women free of any labels, as the wild woman we are in Spirit. It is this inextricable knowing of who we are at the core, that gives us the tools we need as a mother, to show up in all of our glory. Remember to breathe and remember... You are beautiful. You are sexy. You are Sacred. 


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