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Product Launch Program

Welcome to the Healthy Product Hub ™ , I am here to help you deliver your dream product to the market. Whether it is raw chocolates, health foods, or speciality superfood items, I can help you build the foundation you will need to have a successful product that will reach the market! 

Whole Foods Market 



Gabrielle began product development in 2001 with Rawlifeline, the first Raw Food company on the East Coast with 10+ product items, in over 300 stores across the Tristate area.

Gabrielle then went on to develop her own products, the first being successfully launched in over 200 stores across the Nation and a Regional Launch with Whole Foods Market. Her raw chocolate bar, The ONE, was the very first RAW chocolate to hit the shelves of Whole Foods Market in 2007. 

The Healthy Product Hub ™ is here to help you go from zero all the way to having a professionally packaged product, ready to sell! 

What You Can Expect To Learn:

R&D ⎮ Manufacturing ⎮ Launch Strategies 

  • How to Set Up an LLC 
  • R&D (Research & Development) 
  • Product formulation ⎮ Recipe Breakdown
  • Ingredient Sourcing

*  Manufacturing Procedures ⎮ Policies  

  • Source Packaging ⎮ Labels ⎮ Printing
  • FDA Approved Nutritional Panels

*  Product price breakdown w appropriate GPM%

  • Wholesale ⎮ Distribution ⎮  MSRP GPM%
  • Knowledge of each step and whats required for growing in manufacturing i.e. making it yourself,  to having a small kitchen, to having it manufactured by a small artisan company, to big level manufacturing 
  • Knowledge and understanding of how to appropriately price your product NOW knowing what your big vision is and what it will cost to get there
  • Refined big vision to ensure it makes sense with the realistic side of manufacturing and selling a hard product
  • Pre-branding, determining a product/company name, logo 
  • Set Up of Initial website development with shopping cart so your products are available with an identity and online platform
  • Set Up of Social media platform with exact strategy on how to execute a social media campaign 
  • Set Up of Ezine campaigns (email marketing) and who to hire after my initial phase of development
  • List of stores for potential accounts in the tristate area 
  • The best quality eco green printing, up level branding, & web design, as you grow
  • A blueprint to successfully launch your product and what costs are involved from start to finish.

Some Charge $40,000 Upfront!!!

A product development company would charge you a minimum of $40,000! They would not teach you any of the HOW TO’s of what it takes to actually start your business and develop your product. You would be expected to pay even more money along the way to attend their event shows with zero guarantee of any sales even after all of that initial money was spent.

Would you prefer to save that $40,000 and invest your time and money into a program that will TEACH YOU how to effectively set up your business and build a foundation with the proper platforms in place so you can grow a successful business? 

Bring Your Dream To Life!




You deserve to own your company and have the best help getting to where you want to be. This is how I can show up as your ‘partner’ in the Healthy Product Hub ™ . I will teach you how to create your company, set up procedures, the steps involved in product development, where to go to set up a website and the basic marketing techniques for a successful launch. The Healthy Product Hub™offers realistic steps that are the most cost effective and aligned in supporting the sustainability of your big vision.

During this course we will be working together very closely as we crystalize your vision and bring it to the market. This ensures a supportive, inspiring, and cooperative experience. This is a HUGE project and there are a zillion details. You deserve to be set up for success.

As a team we have our bases covered in making sure you have a solid foundation with which to build your dream and get your product seen with the Healthy Product Hub ™





I will promote each product that completes this program over my entire Social Media Network!


I will send out an EXCLUSIVE Ezine to my entire list, promoting THREE products that will be specially chosen and meet all criteria!


As a special VIP offer, I will choose ONE of the products that meet all criteria (which will be disclosed during the program) and I will LINK YOUR Product website to my website!


and Bring Your Ideas & Vision To Life!