Holistic Health, Rituals of Self Care, Balance & Business

Bio Hacking Life for The High Performance Mom

What is the Mothers Mastermind?


It is a place where women gather every week to share in meditation and then move into inspiration, motivation and business mastery. 

Whether you are a woman who wants to be a mom and are starting to prepare your life and body for the journey, pregnant with your new angel, a brand new mom, a mama with a toddler(s) or a mom who’s kids are grown and are looking for inspiration in the RE-DISCOVERY of Self, to feel amazing in your body physically, emotionally and spiritually, then this Mastermind is for YOU. 

This Mastermind is for all stages and phases of motherhood - the inception - to long after - it is about us as women being confident in who we are, securely rooted in the center of Self so that we can actually show up for our children. We create a Vibrant Child by being Vibrant Women and that means being authentic and free in our self expression, dedicated to our own passions, dreams and desires, properly caring for our Body, Mind and Soul. 

This is how we show up for our children, our family, the world around us. 

It time to do things differently. Get the support needed, be accountable, and take action. It’s time to apply the lessons learned and get the results having been called forth.

Join me, fellow colleagues and women from around the globe, coming together to teach, learn, discover, and most importantly bring our dreams and authentic self to the forefront of our lives.

In This Mastermind We Will: 

  • Begin with Meditation
  • Discover Vibrant Health Strategies
  • Discover Rituals for Self Care 
  • Learn How to Balance Home & Life
  • Discover Effective Tools To Manage Stress
  • Learn Eco Conscious Business Strategies 
  • Learn How to Maintain A Sense of Self While Starting or Running A Business and A Family 
  • Learn How to Grow Your Business


What's Involved: 

  • Bi-Monthly Coaching Calls - two 60 minute coaching calls per month that discuss holistic health strategies, Rituals for Self Care, how to balance motherhood, life and business, Creative Business Tools & Strategies - whether you want to create a business for yourself as a hobby or create an empire... the business tools and strategies will be coming from my own business experience and that of the special guests, 'Women Who Inspire' that attend our calls.
  • Private Membership & Facebook Group - this is where we get to really go into the topics discussed and share in our community on so many levels. The FB group will be the main place we connect and talk on a daily basis to see what is working and not working based on the calls topics. An incredible opportunity to learn from all involved as well as to connect with MM's special guests, Woman Who Inspire. 
  • Special Guests - I will be having amazing line up of women that I will refer to as, Women Who Inspire. These women are great examples of how to balance work and motherhood, how to create vibrant health, self care strategies, and how to create, grow, and or maintain a business model that you love. 


How It Works:

  1. There will be 2 recorded calls per month for the duration of 1 hour.
  2. The recorded calls will be posted in the members area every other Friday.
  3. The first 5 - 10 Min will be a short lead meditation, so we can let go of our day and center into to ourself and prepare to receive. 
  4. Our calls will always be focused on specific health strategies to achieve a new level of vibrancy, 'Self Care Rituals' that tap us into a deeper sense of self, enliven our sensuality, reignite our creativity and passions, and from here we will move into eco conscious business strategies and close the call on a note of inspiration of what is possible in career, money, success and opulent living. 
  5. Special guests -  the ‘Women Who Inspire’ series are women who have a successful business and understand how to balance self, home and work life. I will also have guests who are not mothers but who are Vibrant Women nonetheless and have incredible success stores that inspire us all to keep tackling our dreams.
  6. A link to the recorded call will be emailed to you every other Friday and posted in our Private FB Group for further discussion. 
  7. Private Facebook Group so we can discuss each call further, deepen bonds with each other, and have a community to share in the transformation that will take place and does take place simply by being a women and a mother.


Special Incentives & Community Offerings

As a special thank you for being part of this incredible community of women, there will be special gifts of various kinds, incentives and giveaways!

In addition, I will be offering my coaching mentorships at a special Mothers Mastermind rate, as well as offering coupon codes to shop The HUB. 

The special guests, ‘Women Who Inspire’, will also be offering special gifts only available to the members of this Mastermind. 

I will also at times have BONUS recordings! This means extra recorded calls with special guests as a surprise and added value to this incredible collective of women & mothers. 



Upon Signing up you also receive immediate access to my 5 week online program, Prosperity of Wellbeing. This program will revivify your connection with self. It is about cutting edge health, body image, sex, creative power, and how to create a foundation for a prosperous life. This program alone if valued at $900. It is yours free when you sign up for the Mothers Mastermind! You can maintain access to the program even if you cancel your Mastermind membership.




Try it free for 14 days (credit card required) which gives you access to the FULL membership site, all recorded calls, plus our private Facebook Group and community forum!

After 14 days the membership fee is $19.98 per month. You can cancel your membership at anytime.

Policies & Code of Ethics:

All who participate in the Mothers Mastermind understand that this is a community about and for support, expansion, growth, and most importantly, love. At all times we that participate within this community must accept these vows: 

  • Speak the Truth - most importantly with self. 
  • Speak with Kindness - as one of the masters I studied with used to ask, "Is it necessary, is it true, is it kind?" We can express the truth with grace, love, and kindness. At that includes how you speak to yourself.
  • Uphold this Space as Sacred.
  • Understand that this is a place to Express Yourself - authentically, however, is NOT a place to complain and shit talk. Yes we will talk about the very real aspects of motherhood and life, but we will do so from a place of love, decency and upholding the best vision of self and others.
  • Keep the conversations Private - there are going to be moments when we share deeply vulnerable private things about ourselves. This is the beauty of a private group. It is only for this group. Anything that is said within the Mothers Mastermind, stays within the Mothers Mastermind
  • Come in Love. 

* anyone who keeps from upholding this Code of Ethics will be removed from the Mastermind.