Mothers Mastermind #7 | Melissa Mango PART 2 - Self Pleasure & Sexual Mastery


Melissa Mango CCHT LC HN

As a devotee of authentic human connection, Melissa assists clients in deep levels of healing and transformation, through intimacy coaching, hypnosis and holistic sex education counseling. She also offers professional, fun and tastefully explicit classes and workshops for people to learn more about their bodies and themselves in a clear and empowered way.

Her mission is to help other’s experience a healthy, passionate, shame-free sex-life, free of mental blockages, fear, religious or cultural stigma.

Whether you are seeking to shift an old pattern in your life, implement lasting change or learn new techniques

Melissa is your facilitator and Muse!

Hello, hello and welcome to Part 2 with Miss Mango! 

In this call Melissa and I delve into: 

Self Pleasure & Sexual Mastery

1. The sacred self pleasure ritual

2. Breast health a.) the what’s and the why’s b.) breast message 

3. Vaginal health - jade egg work- Tao Breathing Practices

Next week Saida goes deep into the jade egg practice -she brings it back to the traditional, sacred, and ancient practice and out of the trendy vaginal weightlifting scene. This work is profound and powerful; it has the ability to expand your heart and soul as well as transform the world within and around you. 

Melissa and I spent so much time on the what and why's of the 3 aforementioned points that we went a little bit over the hour and only slightly touched on diet and steams. 

As promised I want to still talk about Vaginal health in regards to both:

  • Diet
  • Steams

Let's talk about diet first, if you know me and the work I do, you know that I am all about bio-individuality as well as uber clean eating. A healthy vagina means a healthy system overall. If your body needs to purge toxins or is overloaded on yeast and candida, the yoni will be one of the first places to discover the dis-ease. You may also have intense menstrual cycles or hormones that seem way out of balance. If that is the case then it is imperative that you consume a diet high in leafy greens, take high quality probiotics, get rid of heavy perfumed cleaning solutions for your clothes and home, wear organic cotton underwear, and the list goes on. 

One of the first foods to avoid is wheat, gluten, and sugar. These foods feed the candida within the body and will be a huge culprit to vaginal health issues. 

Another huge issue is stress. How are your cortisol levels? When we are highly stressed (which most moms are ;-)) our adrenals get zapped. When our adrenals get zapped it throws off our entire system and can be the cause of any yeast issues within the vagina. 

Supporting our adrenals is easier then you may think, taking herbs like Ashwagandha or supplements like Stress Care by Hymalaya  which I mention in the very first Mothers Mastermind call, are huge supporters in making sure our adrenals stay healthy and strong. (p.s. I make zero money on the products promoted in this article. I use them myself and believe in the quality they provide

Now let's discuss vaginal steams. These are old formulas prepared to help cleanse the tissues within our uterus and vaginal walls. They can be done with fresh or dried herbs as well as essential oils. You do a vaginal steam much like you would give yourself a face or lung steam. 

Face or lung steams are done when you bring a pot of spring or purified water to a boil on the stove and infuse herbs to help open the pores or open the lungs and clean out any infection. 

A vaginal steam is done much of the same way except that instead of standing over the pot with a towel over your head, you are sitting in an open chair with no underwear and a towel or blanket over your legs so that the steam can penetrate your yoni, vaginal and uterine walls. 

Here is an awesome article by the Birth Institute that goes into exact detail as to which herbs to use, the set up you will want, as well as how and when to do it. 

Melissa and I are both here to answer any questions you may have, please be sure to share any insights, comments and questions below! ⬇︎

Enjoy our second call this month dedicated to the art of self care, self pleasure and sexual mastery.