Mastermind #5 | Johanna Lynn - Family Constellations



The one thing we all have in common is that we all come from a family. We have been influenced by our family far more than we’ve previously understood. The work I do everyday with clients uncovers the precise family patterns that are limiting your health, your relationships and your success.

Johanna Lynn - Family Constellations Counsellor


Ladies, this call was so utterly insightful and profound, you will hear and bare witness to my own mind making the connections and having ah-ha after ah-ha. 

I've been in the field of health and wellness for close to two decades and yet this work has been a mystery, until now. 

Profound, transformational, and curiously delicious.

I don't know about you, but I am a truth seeker at heart. My passion IS the discovery of Self. I love to peel the layers... I love the journey through the notorious rabbit hole with Alice. 

What did you get from this call? 

I share some personal insights on this call with Johanna, I'd love to hear what something of yours was after you've listened. 

Be sure to share your insights in the comments section below ⬇︎💜

Here is to the past illuminating the present so that the foundation of the future is built on solid ground.