And So It Began ... 

I am happy to finally post our initial call! 

I haven't listened to the replay and I believe I mentioned during the call that my son Maximilian had come into my room which distracted me and I realized I still needed to press record as I began to move into the beginning part of our call! LOL

So... the mediation part of our call is not on this recording but will be moving forward!

I do really like Moment for Moms - it is an app for moms all about moms. A place to post everything mom! One of the articles I thought was really good - however - I have a hard time promoting articles that have good information but offer certain disconnects. Personally I get upset when I hear or see anyone using products that ultimately cause them, animals, and the planet harm. That was where my comment came from re being mainstream. It is also though where I exercise my own desire to let go of judgements. 

We all have judgements, and judgements have their place, how else can we be discerning. Having said that... I truly believe in my heart that we all have wisdom to share with one another, regardless of any detail, big or small. 

The book I spoke about - The Queens Code - is a must read for every woman, especially if raising sons. I also think it is beneficial for any and every man to read on his own or with a partner. There is so much to be discovered still, about the mechanisms of how men and women operate. At the core... it's about self love, accountability, and peace between us all. 

I hope you enjoy this recap. 

I am very much looking forward to our call this coming Tuesday, Jan 26th at 9PM EST. The guest segment begins this Tuesday and our first 'Woman who Inspires' is Bethanne Wanamaker, aka Edible Goddess. 

Until then, I wish you love and can barely wait to be in circle with you once again. 



Oh and please be sure to ask any questions and or share any comments below. Let's keep the conversation going! ⬇︎