Gabrielle Brick
Gabrielle Brick
Holistic Nutrition Specialist & Success Coach. Bring Back Your Mojo & Reignite Your Magic. "There are no rules, only choices." ™

High-Touch Coaching

Your Private Mentorship Program

Let go of everything you thought you knew and join me on the most rebellious adventure of a lifetime! 

True health and longevity begins at the root of your relationship with Self.
— Gabrielle Brick

Private Mentorship Program

In this High-Touch, One-on-One Mentorship, uncover the foundation you need to take your physical and emotional health to an entirely new level.

This is a deep dive into the self through a tailored holistic nutrition program based upon your bio-individual needs, exercises in radical self-love, and mental reframing, that is guaranteed to get you out of the ruts that are keeping you stuck.

I invite and encourage you to get to know yourself on a whole new level.

It's time to put yourself first.

It’s time to choose happiness.

It’s time to choose to fully LIVE.

How else can we show up for anybody else if we are undernourished in all ways?

Discover how your choices in food dictate the quality of your life.

What’s Included: 

  • Questionnaire Assessment

  • Initial 60 Minute Discover Session

  • Two - 30 minute sessions per week

  • Private Online Client Portal for daily updates & program information

  • Emergency text message support 

  • Tailored nutrition protocols based on bio-individual needs

  • Tailored supplement protocols based on individual goals and nutritional needs

  • Mental Success Games to ensure the reframing of outdated habits and mental loops that keep you stuck

  • High-Touch Coaching - cultivating a relationship to ensure success in reaching your goals. 

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In just three short months, Gabrielle managed to correct several physical imbalances that I’d suffered with for DECADES. She helped me to attain a new and cherished awareness and vitality that had eluded me previously. Ultimately though, she has given me the base knowledge and skills to continue on this lifelong journey.
As she instructs, ‘there are no rules, only choices.’
— Kim Wendt