7 Signs You’re In An Empowered Relationship

lovers holding hands

After having my fair share of dramatic relationships and maturing into relationships that are something very different then the recklessness of young hearts abandoning themselves to love, I’ve discovered what it means to sit in an empowered, cooperative space with a partner. 

Whatever style of partnership you're in, an empowered relationship will always have these 7 elements.

You Know You're In An Empowered Relationship When You Experience: 

#1: Radical Honesty 

Radical honesty is about telling the truth no matter what we think it will cost us. The truth about ourselves, the truth about what trigger us, the truth about what we are experiencing and why. It also means hearing these truths from our partner knowing it may reveal a deep rooted layer within self, that may need to be peeled away. When we show up to ourselves with this maturity and commitment, knowing that there is nothing ugly about our imperfections, we have an incredible opportunity to transform; thus will our partner and the relationship itself. There must be a dedication to truth at the very core from both you and your partner.