There Are No Rules

there are no rules

When was the last time you truly let yourself make a decision about your life solely based on a choice to love yourself? 

Do you give yourself permission or do you need permission from others? 


In this game called life, the only aspect we truly have control over is how we choose to respond to the world around us. 

It is crucial, that in that knowing, we are the ones running the show when it comes to taking action in our own life. 

When you get quiet and sit in the center of who you are, what is your heart telling you? 

Are you living a life you love? Are you truly happy? 


There are no rules in life, only choices. Are you choosing YOU? 

Radical self love is about knowing the core aspect of desire that is rooted within the fabric of your being. Radical self love is about understanding the motives behind your desires and choosing the ones that support the highest version and vision of you possible.

Radical self love is about abolishing the demons and standing up straight in the Light of who you are, wild, authentic, and fully expressed. 

What is something you can do TODAY to be more of YOU? Leave a comment below and let me know!