The Power to Put You in the Mood..

One of my favorite root vegetables, that's right a root vegetable, has the power to put you in the mood... to lift depression, fire up the libido (or chill it out), give sustainable energy, and regulate the endocrine system. Curious??

Those are powerful statements and I know many people looking for  all of the above. This little root saved my life over a decade ago and I have used it almost every day since. Out of balance and craving some kind of stability emotionally, physically, sexually... I found MACA. Actually, maca found me and it came in and gave me everything I needed, wanted and more! 

Maca was able to quite literally get rid of the depression I had struggled with for years. It calmed down my completely out of balance sex (over)drive AND gave me the sustained energy I needed to get through my very full schedule. 



This gorgeous, powerful, little root is what's called an ADAPTOGENIC food. Adaptogenic foods (or herbs) have an intelligence all their own in that, when they enter the body they are able to help regulate your nervous system and or hormonal system. 

How adaptogenic foods work is simple; if you need more energy, if you need more sleep, if you need a stronger libido or a chill pill in that department, the adaptogenic food delivers. It does this on the molecular level helping to produce neuropeptides or amino-acids that will even act like neurotransmitters in the brain. These help combat the steroid hormones like cortisol which is indicative of stress and very destructive. As a neurotransmitter it the brain, it is produced in various locations including the hypothalamus. This is VERY important to understand because when these neuropeptides are created in the hypothalamus, it regulates our ability to increase food intake, store energy, reduce anxiety, stress, and pain perception, affects our sleep cycles, reduces involuntary alcohol intake, can lower blood pressure and reduce epileptic seizers!!

Take a moment to digest this information... in it's potency one has the power to take witness to how IMPORTANT it is to UNDERSTAND the many aspects of our FOOD. Everything you eat has the POWER to shift your mental and physical being in the best way ever. All it takes is a moment to stop in the frantic rat race, slow down, pay attention, do some research and dis-cover that everything you need is in the palm of your hand. 

My slogan... "There are no rules, only choices" fits perfectly in this moment... the reality is just that as all rules are made up. CHOICE is the ultimate power to self healing and Self Love. What are you worth?? This simply little root vegetable has the power to heal your body and your mind on a molecular level. 

I have seen this powerful root help every single person who has taken it... whether you are a 250 pound man working contraction, a 14 year young boy or girl going through hormonal changes, or a woman in her 30's looking to reconnect with the passion of her libido, or a woman going through menopause... IT CAN HELP YOU. 

Make the choice to love yourself... yes, that is right, this IS about self love. The root (pun intended) of every choice is in self love. 

Now there are many forms and variations of our beloved MACA root. In my studies over the past decade, I feel that the best form of maca is the Organic Peruvian loose powder so you can properly dose yourself in a cost affective manner. The NON-geletanized Maca is the best as is the powdered extract of the root. The easiest to come by is the bulk powder which you can buy at . You can also buy it at the Longevity Warehouse. A high quality Maca will actually smell and taste almost sweet, like a malted nut powder.



When you start using Maca, the best method in which to use it is in your morning or afternoon shake. Remember, it will give you sustainable energy, so it is great to take in the early part of the day or an hour before your workout! 

Here is a simple recipe to get you started: 


3 Cups Spring Water or Coconut Water

2 TBL Chia Seeds

2 TBL Hemp Seeds

3 TBL Maca 

2 TBL SWEET TREE by Sun & Moon Organics

1 tsp Coconut Oil

1 Pinch Sea Salt

* Optional: Stevia or Xylitol as the low glycemic sweetener - it may be sweet enough w the coconut water and Sweet Tree mix. 


Blend all of the above ingredients in your blender and taste it BEFORE you add the sweetener. It may be sweet enough with the coconut water and Sweet Tree Mix. 

After it is blended, pour into your fave glass, jar or mug and imbibe! 

Be sure to leave your questions or comments below! ⬇️

Have a blessed and power-full day!