Raw Food Recipe for Kids


One of my most favorite things is seeing my two boys quite literally suck down their superfood smoothie like it is the last one they are gonna have! As a mother I feel OK in feeding them Organic GF Pasta for dinner at times, knowing they have had such a boost of nourishment in their sippy cups.

I know, I know, GF Organic Pasta made in Italy is FAR from a "bad" dinner... as a raw food enthusiast it sometimes bares on my soul...

 I have found a nice balance and in the end, what is most important, is that these two growing boys get enough calories  through-out the day!

EVERY DAY the boys have at least ONE 12 oz Superfood Smoothie and many days they have TWO. One is always greener then the other to make sure the proper amount of GREENS in their eating habits.

100% organic ingredients (of course ;-))

Coconut Milk

1 Banana

Frozen Mango


1 TBL Premier Greens

1 TBL Chia Seeds

2 TBL Hemp Seeds

2 Cups Spring water  (or a little more for the right consistency)

I find that if the smoothie is a BIT thick (not to thick) just thick enough, it goes farther.

So that's my rant for the day. What do you think? Please comment below and let me know your thoughts!