MISO SOUP On the Fly!



When you are looking for a super nutritious meal ON THE FLY... Miso Soup is a great way to go! It is also a great "cure" for a cold, or if you are simply feeling cold or "under the weather." Here's how you can make Miso Soup ON THE FLY:

Get out your favorite bowl or a mason jar (I prefer the latter as it allows for a larger serving) and follow these steps for an amazingly nutritious meal on the fly! This recipe can literally be done in LESS THEN 10 MINUTES! 

Step One (Do this while your spring water is heating up) :

Chop up some green onions

Crush some garlic

Mince some ginger and place in bowl or mason jar

Step Two:

Add a tablespoon of the following ingredients to your bowl or Mason Jar

Kelp Powder

Dulse Powder

shiitake Mushroom Powder

Step Three:

Pour hot water over ingredients

Step Four:

Stir in 2 tablespoons of Miso

Step Five:


Super simple, this recipe takes less than 10 minutes and is highly mineralized and nutritious!