Infant Formula Fortification Protocol

Being a new mom, I think this article is of great importance. Breast is best in ALL cases and there are times when a women's body just can't produce the milk necessary. In this article you will discover a natural and healthy way to supplement your baby(ies) with out having to use those truly inefficient formulas. A mother's breast milk is nature's perfect and complete food for babies and can't even come close to being reproduced. With so many substances known to be present in breast milk, but unable to be replicated in breast milk substitutes (formula), plus all of the as-yet unidentified constituents, it should come as no great surprise that children today are suffering from a vast myriad of illnesses and disorders.

The human brain is infinitely more sophisticated than the world's fastest computer,yet many people naively think that this wondrous organ can be perfectly constructed without any regard to the "raw materials" required. Building a properly functioning brain requires the right materials, just as building a computer would. Imagine trying to build a computer from scratch, without any microchips. Or trying to build a house without any lumber, bricks, steel, or other materials.

However, while there is no way to create a formula equal to breast milk, there are steps that can be taken to improve some what upon the standard formulas that are available.

One of the nutritional areas that are woefully inadequate with formulas is in regards to their fatty acid content. With all of the anti-fat propaganda going on these days, most people don't realize the critical importance of fat, especially with infants. Not only is the quantity important, but the quality and breakdown of the types of fat supplied as well....

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