What to Eat for Energy?


What to eat or should I say drink? This is a great way to start your day and it is FILLED with nutrition!!!

People are always asking me what to eat for breakfast that is light, fast, will give sustainable energy, keep the mind focused, and most importantly, TASTE GREAT! Well, this is how I roll.... this recipe is chock full of amazing nutritional profiles and will GIVE YOU everything I just mentioned, guaranteed! If you have a questions, post it and I will be sure to answer! Now... get ready to FEAST!

~ Green Tea Cacao Mania ~

What you want to do FIRST is brew up 3 cups of Green Tea & Gynostemma. I use organic loose leaf tea that I place in a mason jar. I first pour enough COLD spring water to cover the herbs (about and inch of water to be sure that the hot water keeps from scalding them). Pour the rest of the hot spring water, over the cold water and herbs, filling up mason jar. Cover, and let steep for 10 minutes.

NEXT strain tea and pour into blender adding these ingredients:

(Note: All ingredients are organic, non-GMO, and/or wildcrafted)

*Arriba Raw Cacao Paste (1/4 of a square)

*1 TBL Mucuna Extract

*2 TBL Maca Powder

*1 TBL Cinnamon Powder

*1 tsp Bee Mana

*1 tsp Bee Pollen

*1 tsp Lions Mane Extract

*1/8 tsp Reishi Extract

*2 TBL Xylitol

*2 TBL Raw Honey

Blend and serve!!!

(Note: this makes 2 - 3 servings. Although if your bad a** you can drink the whole thing... watch out ;-)) Remember to let the tea cool slightly ... warm enough to melt the Arriba cacao paste & cool enough so as to keep the integrity of the ingredients.)

** You can find most of the ingredients listed above at the Longevity Warehouse, although the special medicinal mushroom extracts I am using are coming soon to the public from Immortality Alchemy!