Recipe For A Cure!



In this time of season many people are getting sinus infections. There are many reasons for this such as dry air, sitting in rooms without fresh air filtration due to our heat being pumped all day and night; sitting in sterile office environments, going from one building to the next with fake, heated, air being recirculated with old and dusty air filtration systems ... which means a whole bunch of things!

Next people go to the doctor and take a prescription drug to help "cure" the infection. All this drug actually does, like most medications, is put a band-aid on a symptom instead of healing the ROOT of the issue.

I used to get sinus infections with every change of season. I would go on the medications prescribed and then I would get a vaginal yeast infection. The reason for this is because the medications actually destroy the GOOD probiotics or bacteria within our system making it impossible for our bodies to combat an already unstable situation.

GI Candida

GI Candida

Honestly, I had so much candida and so much mucus discharge I literally carried kleenex with me everywhere I went! I should have gotten stock in the company!

What changed???

My food choices changed. I got educated and realized that the food I was eating was the CULPRIT to YEARS of suffering, which were otherwise characterized as normal and just "an allergy", "Hay fever", "asthma" or "a weakened immune system" ...

I decided to put the doctors to the test and what I came to find out was while they are trained in pharmacology, and the science of operating, they know almost NOTHING about nutrition!

The first thing I did, was cut out dairy and bread in all forms. With in TWO WEEKS I saw an immediate reduction to my so-called "hay fever, asthma, and weakened immune system" ... I also went down a few boxes in tissues! :)

With that I began to add more vegetables and then again I began cutting out animal products, chicken, meat, fish, eggs, etc. To make a long story short, by the time I was 6 months into living a fully organic raw-super-food lifestyle, I was off all medications, my Gynecologist asked what I had done to completely clear up all infection and I could go back to playing in the fields, riding horses, and finally put those boxes of kleenex down!

Then one day I got the worst sinus infection I had ever had in all the years!!! I was shocked! Stunned! My ego was utterly bruised...

Then I did some research and came to the understanding that before your body COMPLETELY rids itself of the dis-ease, it has to expel the last remnants stored deep within the cellular memory.

Through my research and ever expanding self experimentation, I had discovered the MIRACLE of Garlic!



GARLIC ~ (Allium sativum, A. scorodpprasum)

Garlic is the herbal penicillin. It is antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic, antispasmodic, anthelmintic, antiviral, and the list goes on. An Egyptian medical papyrus from the 16th century B.C. lists twenty-two remedies employing garlic for everything from heart disease and worms to tumors, headaches, and bites. ¹

In hundreds of studies biochemists have confirmed the ancient use of garlic as a fungicide and a powerful antibiotic; seventy-two separate infectious agents can be deterred by garlic, including those that cause the common cold, whooping cough, tuberculosis, botulism, vaginal and bladder infections, staph and more. ²

One RAW crushed clove of garlic contains the antibiotic equivalent of ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND units of penicillin and has been proven MORE effective than either penicillin or tetracycline. ³

So... here I am with the worst sinus infection I had ever had EVER and I decide to put Garlic to the test!

I ate a half a bulb a day and within THREE days my sinus infection was GONE!!!

Better yet... it never returned!

And then there is Parsley ~ Petroselium crisum



Parsley has been considered a protective and purifying herb for over two thousand years. Parsley is an antispasmodic, carminative, emmenagogue, expectorant, tonic and more! RAW parsley facilitates oxygen metabolism, cleanses the blood, dissolves sticky deposits in veins, maintains elasticity of blood vessels, stimulates the bowls, and it will eliminate halitosis (bad breath) after a heavy meal of garlic because of its chlorophyll content!

If you are suffering from a sinus infection and want to actually begin to HEAL the root of the issue, I would begin eating garlic and parsley in monolithic amounts! :)

Make an organic parsley salad with freshly crushed cloves of organic garlic... drizzle a little organic olive oil over it with crystal sea salt and a squeeze of lemon!

You can even make a green juice:

3 - 4 Cloves Organic Garlic

1 Bunch Organic Parsley

2 Organic Cucumbers

Simple and easy.... and within three days of eliminating all of your mucus forming foods:

* Coffee

* Bananas

* Dairy

* Bread

* Animal products

* Chocolate

* Avocados

and add the aforementioned, you will begin to see your sinus infection, vaginal infection, candida infection, begin to finally dissipate!

 "Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food"

¹,²,³ Whole Foods Companion By: Dianne Onstad