...On being A Woman, A Superhero, and Walking Your Path


1. [GB] You've been given the name, "Super Goji Girl" ... What does it mean to be a superhero and what do Goji berries have to do with it?

[Super Goji Girl] "A superhero is a being that is all encompassing. One who stops at no limitations. Growing up I was repeatedly told (by my teachers, not my family) that I couldn't do it all. No one could do what I wanted to do. Well, to heck with what they said. For me, a superhero is one who is working for the overall mission of the planet and the universe, and using inspiration from these things to do so. Goji berries influenced the nickname, due to me having very red hair for several years, as well as a love of goji berries."

2. [GB] You've traveled with David Wolfe for years as his assistant and friend... now you have your own following. What do you consider to be super-nutrition?

[Super Goji Girl] "For me, Super-Nutrition is all about the balance. One can discover a type of herb or superfood that feels great for them, but if they go overboard, it might have the opposite effect. I have experienced this myself many times, and I know many people who have as well. Probably the most important thing for ourselves to learn about nutrition is BALANCE. Sometimes all we require from an herb, food, or superfood is a homeopathic dose. Super nutrition is knowing what you're putting in your body, where it came from, and who's hand it went through to get to you. It's also the incorporation of physical movement and knowing what is right for your body, at the right time."

3. [GB] In your opinion what do you consider to be the most power-full food, and why?

[Super Goji Girl] "In all honesty, organic raw butter seems to be a power-full food in my experience. It is a wonderful food, packed with nutrients, and the right kind of fats. I've seen it do wonders to a woman's system and literally change lives. It's been a huge part of my nutrition path, and I love it. In a movie I watched recently, Julie & Julia, a character states that you can never have too much butter. I believe in balance, so that may be a little overboard. But, it's close. I know women who have been without a moon cycle for years, and after adding butter to their previously vegan diet (that being the only change) re-started a cycle within 2 weeks. Being that it's a clean form of cholesterol, it's contains pre-cursors to the right kind of hormones for men and women's hormone production."

4. [GB] What does it mean to you to be a woman?

[Super Goji Girl] "A woman is a being living in a female body, embracing all that is feminine. A woman is synced with the cycle of the moon and has a special relationship with the moon-earth balance. A woman bleeds with the moon, and has the possibility of bringing a new life into this world with every moon as well. A woman's body and reproductive system also reflects that of our Mother Earth and Gaia. As her fluids and waters become heavy with the moon, a woman's body reflects that. If we can feel and look at our bodies as a reflection of Mother Earth, we can come into greater harmony with the Earth and Moon cycles, therefore coming into greater harmony with our own cycles."

5. [GB] Do you offer any kind of coaching or consultations?

[Super Goji Girl] "Actually yes I do. It's been an unofficial thing in the past, but as more and more people (especially women) ask for advice, as I go through my own personal health journey, it's become clear that I am of service and on a mission in this lifetime. If I resonate with you, and if you're looking for some assistance, don't be shy. Start up a conversation, and we can see where it leads."

6. [GB] If there is one thing you would want our readers to know about you ... what would it be?

[Super Goji Girl] "My inspiration this lifetime has always been my Spiritual Path. I was raised in a Spiritual household with beliefs such as reincarnation, karma, and listening to the power of dreams. Instead of praying, we sing the word HU (like a chant), as a love song to God. We also partake in daily contemplations conversing with God or Spirit, read discourses, and participate in events. This path reminds me daily that I am in service this lifetime. May the blessings be." ;-)



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