Turning Water into Wine!


What is Water Kefir? They weren’t joking when they spoke about turning water into wine! Well, actually more like champagne! That’s right, Water Kefir is delicious AND there are incredible health benefits!!! A friend of mine turned me onto this luscious drink, that some call a way of living, when he began serving me this cocktail that had me feeling like I was drinking something from the Greco-Roman times.  I began to witness my body’s reaction to this Divine Elixir!

It’s easy very easy! Al you have to do is get yourself a glass container that is of a half gallon size, buy the fixin’s, and turn an ordinary glass of bubbly into a cocktail that will have your body purring like a fine Jaguar!



1/2  Gallon Purifed Water

1 small cotton tea bag

1 Tablespoon Kefir Crystals

12 Organic Dried Apricots - quartered

1 Cup Organic Flame Raisons


Place Kefir Crystals in cotton tea bag and submerge into above liquid with the apricots & raisins! That simple! You can buy crystals HERE. Organic Cotton Tea Bags can be purchased HERE . Place all ingredients in glass container cover with a paper towel to keep debris from falling in and use a rubber band or the metal screw part of a Mason Jar Lid to help keep paper towel steady. Let infuse for 5 days…. sweet and subtle your bubbles will be… pour into your favorite glass and enjoy!

Kefir comes from the Turkish word “Keif” which means “good feeling”. Kefir is a polysaccharide structure where several  non-pathogenic, but friendly or healthy bacteria and yeast live in symbiosis ¹ . Kefir grains are HIGHLY sensitive. ONLY EVER use plastic or cotton to strain the grains from mixture. Metal is potentially harmful to the culture and should be avoided!

What are some of the health benefits of this tasty beverage, you ask? Kefir works by regulating the body, thus helping it become healthier. Water kefir has been known to regulate blood pressure and aid in weight control! In addition to being known to aid in such disorders as internal ulcers, kidney problems, anemia, eczema, dermatitis, and abdominal feminine discomfort ² , Water Kefir is an amazing intestinal purifier! When we have intestines that function optimally, we find that most of our disorders, go away! Remember, what shows up OUTside is a direct result of what’s happening on the INside! One will only need 8 oz’s a day to feel the benefits! For more severe disorders, see this CHART for the amount to drink on a daily basis.

Who else LOVES water kefir?? Children and our furry family members! This online mini book(free to download online) provides you with zonks more information; including more recipes, how to care for your kefir cultures and more!Drink up!!References: ¹ , ² here.