Raw Events that can Change Your Life!

By : George Green My transition into embracing my Raw diet & lifestyle over the past year was nothing less than life changing. I seemed to effortlessly lose weight as well as my depression (after losing my mother to cancer) while my mental acuity and overall available energy went through the roof!

Then there's my creativity, that's right you heard me, my creativity! When you begin to consciously feed your body and mind with raw and living foods you are feeding every aspect of your true and authentic self, and that includes your imagination and creativity.

What now parallels my daily experiences of raw and vital physical energy are the amazing states of inspiration, imagination and creativity that are literally feeding my spirit as well as my business as a coach, consultant and video producer!

I've been in various stages of raw for the past year, and for more than 6 months of that time I was at or near 100% raw. Those periods of my near 100% Raw diet have been for me one of the most transformational spaces and times of my life. So here I am today still around 80% Raw, now enjoying the coolness of fall and welcoming the changing of the seasons.

I am also at my one year anniversary of beginning my own Raw food journey. After months and weeks and hours of pouring over information and materials generated and created by some of the worlds foremost experts, after learning and doing and experimenting on my own, I find my self now struggling to stay at or near the 80 to 100 percent raw level in my diet. As it turns out, the changing of the seasons brings on an intrinsic internal change in our body's nutritional needs.

Again, I'm a coach and intuitive counselor, I'm used to being the one with the answers. As human beings, we would all like to think we can learn and adapt while mastering our desired changes and achieving our desired goals.... on our own.

Well my friends, after being a coach and intuitive counselor for more than 28 years I know from my own direct experience with my own clients that real, lasting, sustainable change and achievement comes from the support of a collaborative relationship that coaches just like me offer and provide to others. Without the direct and external sources of support, mentoring, measurement and accountability we can receive from a Coaching relationship, our change and growth, the transformation and achievements we all seek and hunger for are incremental at best.

When we go it alone, that is exactly the experience we cultivate and create for ourselves.... alone, with no external support, guidance or encouragement. As long as you prefer and envision yourself to do it all yourself, you are ultimately choosing a more difficult and isolated path of what is at best, slow growth and incremental movement forward.

Since you are reading this Now, chances are you are ready to transform your life, your energy, your health and your inspiration today. Yes? Then let's begin together now by simply transforming your former experience of isolation by transforming together the actual word ALONE.

Recall my statement you just read above... "I'm used to being the ONE with the answers." Self reliance can be an extraordinary resource as long as your self reliance is not at the expense or sacrifice of working and collaborating with others to achieve your desired goals, achievements and outcomes.

Now, let's look at alone the word, together. Together now, we create a transformational shift in consciousness and action around this word alone, as well as around your FORMER experience.... ALONE. (Underline the wordONE).

ALONE.... Quite simply, if we think we are "THE ONE", then we are exactly that, the one, the only, ALONE, isolated, insulated, under-inspired and under-empowered.

Now, let's create your own leap of transformation together, you are ready. Let's add one more letter to the word, the letter L. Alone becomes the word ALLONE, All One.

You see my friend, we are all on our life's journey Together, and when we stand together accepting loving support from those we are standing with, we empower each other to grow stronger. When we embrace and ask for assistance, both the many that stand with us as well as the entire universe responds to our request with added strength, inspirations and new resources.

I have chosen this day to ask for exactly this kind of support, and to engage in a collaborative transformational process and relationship with the amazing Raw Food / Lifestyle Coach, Gabrielle Brick. As a coach myself, the work I do with my clients is all about what I call "Personal Alchemy™". In this, my own unfolding moment of poetic synchonicity, Gabrielle Brick's work and process is called "The Alchemy of Self™".

Just as elegantly expressed in this, my very own instance of asking for and receiving support and guidance, I find that when I embrace each moment of life's journey with singular presence and with the full realization and embodiment that we are indeed All ONE, life itself becomes poetry.

Infinite support awaits all for the asking, for you, for myself and for anyone who asks. The time is now. Let's stand together, all as One.

Live, Love Life!

~ George Green


George Green ~  Creation Coach & Intuitive Counselor; Founder & Visionary... Personal Alchemy & Elemental Breath. Visit Create Your Life Now and experience the magic of George Green!