“Gabrielle has been an amazing wealth of knowledge and support in helping me to overcome my digestive issues.  I have had chronic problems for the past 30 years with my digestion.  After working with her for 2.5 months, I am now off of all medications,  and I am simply eating healthy foods with only a few supplements.  She has been there at every turn and made this process easy.  She brings her support in a holistic manner, allowing me to see my own inner issues and address them.  She has also given me the tools to continue working on my health on my own.  I highly recommend working with Gabrielle, and empowering yourself to take control and address any health or nutritional problems you may be facing.  With sincere thanks and huge gratitude!”
— Sarah Wilson
“Who knew how much creative insights, love and power that we have? Gabrielle has been a wonderful mentor, teacher, and friend throughout my time with her. She has helped me develop my own inner goddess and rekindle my desire for life’s mysteries. I have a deeper understanding about foods that will nourish my body while also supporting my lifestyle and tons of yummy recipes to choose from. My own spiritual self has awakened and embraced life to its fullest. I feel more grounded and centered as a person. What is more, my love for all beings and life itself has intensified to a level I never knew existed. Working with Gabrielle was an incredible experience; she helped me with my “ebbs and flows”, and taught me the most important lesson of all: the rediscovery of self-love. I will always be grateful to Gabrielle for her patience, kindness, and wisdom that can take us to a path of our fullest potential.”
— Sara B.
“I put my request out to the universe and found Gabrielle! I am deeply and profoundly grateful to Gabrielle for lovingly and patiently guiding my daughter back to health! Her one-on-one personalized holistic coaching sessions, menu plans, recipes and daily email support gave my daughter the strength and guidance necessary to regain a healthy weight and lifestyle. Gabrielle was also a LIFELINE to me as a parent in understanding the emotional and physical aspects of eating disorders in order to fully support my daughter during this struggle. Gabrielle’s nutritional knowledge, wisdom and insight were the guiding light that led our family through this difficult time, and I enthusiastically recommend her for a transformative experience!”
— Diane Burns, Certified Message Therapist
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