Photo by  Deniz Altindas  

Photo by Deniz Altindas 


Meditation & Awareness Coaching 

Rates starting at $200/ 60 Minutes

Join Gabrielle for a 60 minute self discovery session. 

We will begin by getting clear on what it is you are looking to clear, shift, and or, call into your life. Once we know the goal we are focusing on, we will move into breath work and then meditation. 

These kinds of sessions produce quick shifts. It's time to unravel everything that is holding you back so you can begin to Rise. 

3 sessions are recommended for a more complete clearing and to create the necessary shifts. 

We'll dive deep together and develop a regular meditation and breath work protocol for you. Change the way you feel and start envisioning a life you want to live.

Single session rate $200 / package of 3 sessions $500

You will receive a confirmation email immediately upon reserving your time with Gabrielle.