Gabrielle Brick
Gabrielle Brick
Rebel Rise Mama ™, Nourishment for Body, Mind & Soul, Gabrielle Brick is your Coach & Mentor. The Kids are good, now it's time for YOU. Get the energy you crave, feel amazing and LOVE the life you live!


Nutrition Specialist & Empowerment Coach

Let go of everything you thought you knew and join me on the most rebellious adventure of a lifetime! 


True health and longevity begins at the root of your relationship with Self.
— Gabrielle Brick

Private Mentorship Program

30 day Program / $1700

90 Day program / $4400 

A virtual Rebellion, this program is designed to give you the foundation you need to feel amazing and start living a life you love.

A deep dive into self through personalized holistic nutrition plans and radical self-love exercises, that invite you to get to know yourself all over again. It's time to put yourself first, how else can we show up for anybody else?

What’s Included: 

Assessment & Questionnaire, Initial 90 Minute Discovery Session, Recipes, Tailored Menu Plans, Initial Vitamin Pack of wild crafted, organic, practitioner grade supplements, Weekly Coaching Calls (Live Skype or Voice calls), DAILY Live Email Journal, The Emotional Tools You Need to Make The Necessary Shifts, Support, Motivation, Accountability, Love and Understanding. And so much more. 

If you need more information or would like to talk it through with Gabrielle, please use the button to the right to book a complimentary discovery session ☞
You will receive a confirmation email immediately upon reserving your time with Gabrielle. 
Photo Credit Courtesy of Blue Horse Photo

Photo Credit Courtesy of Blue Horse Photo

Not sure and need some help ?

Do you have questions? Want to make Sure you & Gabrielle are the right fit?

Spend 25 minutes with Gabrielle!

Gabrielle is intelligent, knowledgable, caring, warm, spontaneous, funny, honest, direct, and just ridiculously awesome! My time spent with her during the Lifestyle Enhancement Program was valuable beyond belief. I came to her a broken, unhealthy, and unhappy person and parted ways with her a joyous, buoyant, shiny new life-loving individual. She taught me so much about nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, and ultimately myself! I learned to care for my needs physically, emotionally, and spiritually to become a much more gloriously well-rounded.
— Kim Wendt

Photo by Deniz Altindas 

Photo by Deniz Altindas 


Meditation & Awareness Coaching 

Rates starting at $200/ 60 Minutes

Join Gabrielle for a 60 minute self discovery session. 

We will begin by getting clear on what it is you are looking to clear, shift, and or, call into your life. Once we know the goal we are focusing on, we will move into breath work and then meditation. 

These kinds of sessions produce quick shifts. It's time to unravel everything that is holding you back so you can begin to Rise. 

3 sessions are recommended for a more complete clearing and to create the necessary shifts. 

We'll dive deep together and develop a regular meditation and breath work protocol for you. Change the way you feel and start envisioning a life you want to live.

Single session rate $200 / package of 3 sessions $500

You will receive a confirmation email immediately upon reserving your time with Gabrielle. 

Kitchen Hack Course

Rate $97

Upgrade your nutrition and your kitchen in this fun, interactive course! 

This 3 Week Go-At-Your-Own-Pace Course offers a private community of rebels dedicated to hacking their nutrition for powerful upgrades that keep our energy high! 

What's included?

Private FB group, 20 Original Recipes, 7 Lessons for Self Improvement and 4 hours of video coaching!

Discover how our choices in food are fundamental in understanding our relationships in love, life and business. Our health is our wealth and if you are craving more passion and joy, then this gateway course if the perfect solution. 

You will receive immediate access to the program upon purchase. 
Charred Corn Salad with Creamy Lime Dressing
I enrolled in Gabrielle‘s Kitchen Hack course looking for some inspiration in the kitchen. Although I received in that, it was the reawakening of passions inside of me that lit me up the most (and this was just in Module One!). I️ followed my YES and enrolled without hesitation. I️ highly recommend you do the same. Gabrielle guidance is not only intuitive but deeply grounded in great wisdom.
— Samantha Fox Olsen,