The Rebel RiseKitchen Hack Course is a 3 week virtual course that acts as a doorway to the fundamentals of understanding yourself through food.

This course is for anyone who is READY to dive into a better understanding of who they are through their relationship to food.

Let us explore not only why food is powerful for health and nutrition, but also why it is a crucial component when understanding the fundamentals of the personality. We'll also be closely examining how our FOOD choices are directly related to the choices we make throughout the rest of our lives.

The new moon phase of the lunar cycle is often symbolic of new intentions. It’s a time to plant metaphorical seeds, and can also be seen as a portal for new beginnings. 


Why would I want to take this course?

Are you READY to dive into knowing yourself more completely by gaining a deeper understanding of your relationship to food?

Have you ever been curious about why you eat what you eat, and why you eat it when?

Have you ever wondered how your FOOD choices are interlinked with the choices you make throughout the rest of your life, including love and business

Would you love to fully grasp why the foods you consume not only have the potential to be a powerful source of nutrition, but also greatly contribute to the fundamentals of your personality, as well as the way that you process your relationships?

Are you interested in learning more about nutrition, superfoods and herbs?

Would you like to learn to understand your bio-individual nutritional needs?

Would you like to learn how to enhance your food choices so you can enhance your relationships in LOVE & BUSINESS? 

Meet Gabrielle

Hi, I’m Gabrielle, your guide, Motivational Muse and Coach.

Many experiences have shaped my perspective on life. I've been through the fires of my own deep personal transformation, so I know first hand what it takes. Fear has no place in our lives when we are seekers of the truth, and have a desire to live a FULL & HAPPY LIFE.

I have lived in the darkness of self loathing only to discover what it means to truly choose to live in a place of self love. Oddly enough (but not odd at all), my real journey of self discovery began when I uncovered my addictions to food and alcohol. it brought me front and center with the unhealthy relationships in every aspect of my life.

Thus began my opening and my true purpose to share my knowledge, which feels like a golden secret. We ALL deserve health and happiness. And it is a fundamental TRUTH that when we understand our relationship to food, the most basic element of health and survival, we begin to understand who we are and why we make the choices we make. 

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Although my journey began long before, I’ve spent the last 15 years dedicated to the path of self discovery. I have helped people re-discover their true selves, and I've watched them begin to live THEIR purpose. I have had the profound honor of witnessing my clients super charge their marriages. I've witnessed them re-vitalize their health on such powerful levels that ailments and decades of suffering ceased to exist.  

This is why I keep doing what I do, because with each person I get to RISE with, many lives are transformed. They are miracles, real life miracles that remind us all of the magic that is inherent in this life. We need only seek and it shall be found.

As a mother, and as a daughter losing my father to cancer, I am deeply passionate and wholly dedicated to this path. I am inspired to be part of a community of Rebels that help to build a vibrant future; not only for my sons, but for their children and their children’s children.

I have thrived through a great deal of challenges, and the truth is, THERE ARE NO RULES, ONLY CHOICES©. We live in a world of cause and effect. If there is one thing we can absolutely count on, it is this; our choices dictate what our lives will look like and how we experience it. 

If we have great courage, letting go can be filled with inexplicable joy and breathtaking beauty, as we step into who we were truly meant to be; healthy, abundant and ALIVE.  I am honored to take this journey with you. XOX ~ Gabrielle 

What's included in the Rebel Rise™ Kitchen Hack Course?

Weekly Facebook Live Lessons

Recipe Packets & Mock Menu Plan

Supplement Recommendations & Protocol

Bonus Facebook Lives with 3 Special Guests

Downloadable Material

Private Facebook group

What's on the schedule?



Intro to your Rebellion

  • Learn how food affects your mind & body
  • Uncover how food affects your libido 
  • Take a close look at your food choices
  • Witness the affect food has on your love & business relationships


Your Sacred Kitchen

  • How to set up your kitchen
  • How to navigate the health food store
  • Learn to be an avid label reader
  • Must have tools & ingredients at all times no matter what 
chocolate-week3-GB (1).png


Superfoods, CBD Oil & Chocolate Making

  • Why this trio is essential to expand into abundance, success, and love
  • Learn which superfoods activate your mind 
  • Uncover the superfoods that enhance your libido 
  • Learn how to incorporate into everyday life

How will I benefit? 


More Passion & Creativity

Deeper Connections to your Sensuality

Better Body Awareness

More Success in Love & Business

Healthier Relationships

Increased Clarity

If you'd love to experience even one of these benefits, this course is for you.

Our virtual classroom and Private Facebook Group is accessible from any device, at any time.


Rise with me, Rebel. Rebel Rise. 

Investment in YOURSELF: $97

(That's a little as $33 per week. Think about what you do in a course of the week with that money... and now you have the opportunity to transform your health and how you feel about your body for as little as a snack at the grocery store, a lunch out, or a tank of gas. Are you ready to invest in yourself?) 


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