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Valentine's Day Shake & Sip Ritual

Valentine's Day Belly Dancing & Chocolate Elixir Party

 Sarah Farsh AKA Dragon Girl

Sarah Farsh AKA Dragon Girl


Get ready to shake your hips and sip magical chocolate potions.

Scents of chocolate will waft through the air as we nibble homemade, decadent, raw, organic chocolates and sip carefully crated cacao elixirs. 

As we mingle with each other, imbibing cacao and adorning our bodies with jewels, we will chat about the the health benefits of such a decadent treat before we begin Belly Dancing! 

This fabulous party is hosted at a luxury home in Saddle River, NJ. The private address will be given to you via email upon completing registration. 

As a chocolate aficionado and health expert, Gabrielle AKA Rebel Rise Mama ™ , will be one of your hosts crafting the guilt free, delicious treats! This magical food is the perfect start to a party! 

Release your inner dragon and awaken your sacral chakra with Sarah Farsh, AKA Dragon Girl. She will be your expert in Belly Dancing teaching us how to loosen our hips, let go and allow the joy of dancing to take over! 

Sarah is professionally trained in Belly Dancing, and has danced on the many stages of NYC, as well as with the International Entertainment Co., founded by Amir Mor. 

This evening is sure to evoke all 5 senses, bring joy and pleasure into your life. 

Space is limited. RSVP is required. 

Any and all details will be emailed to you upon registration.