Inspired Living Podcast - Dear Lover Episode 6

In this episode of Inspired Living Podcast, with Valentine's Day around the corner, I take a look at the mirror between relationships, life, and self love. I wonder, dear lover, where are you sustaining your own sense of self lobe? Will you use all the gifts and treasures you alreday possess and fall in love with yourself? 

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Sexy & Inspired Living Podcast: Womb Healing: Episode 5

In this episode of Inspired Living Podcast, I speak with Celeste Morris. She is a holistic health educator & coach with a decade of experience in helping people heal from trauma and grief.

Celeste is a certified advanced ThetaHealing Practitioner, massage therapist, Reiki healer, raw nutritionist, and Craniosacral Therapist. Celeste empowers people to consciously craft a lifestyle that enlivens the deepest levels of health, love and vitality imaginable. As a guide, Her Woman Wisdom offerings invite a deep celebration of feminine energy and inner wisdom with passion and joy! 

Sexy & Inspired Living Podcast - Sacred Sexuality: Episode 4

In this episode of Sexy & Inspired Living Podcast, I speak with Sifu Beth Leone, A Master in Qi Gong and Shaulin Kung Fuang, about what it means to consciously birth a child and have the support of a Shamanic Doula.

Sexy & Inspired Living Podcast - Prostate Health: Episode 3

We have a very juicy and tender topic in this episode - Prostate Massage for Health & Pleasure with Melissa Mango. Melissa is a Clinical Hypnotherapist & Holitsic Sex Educator, her practice Sex Love & Rockin The Soul, is based on the re-education and re-orientation on how to safely explore sexuality free from cultural, religious, and social boundaries. 

Sexy & Inspired Living Podcast - Healing Botanicals : Episode 2

Welcome to episode 2 of the Sexy & Inspired Living Podcast!

In todays episode I interview Tiffany Anderson, 4th stage cancer survivor, who specializes in Skin Analysis, Custom Blending, Advanced Anti-Aging Techniques, Advanced Acne Treatments, and Rejuvenation Therapy.

Founder of Gavee Gold, custom blend and high performing botanicals for exceptional skin. 

There is a special gift from Tiffany, so be sure to listen! 

Sexy & Inspired Living Podcast Introduction: Episode 1

Sexy & Inspired Living, in and of itself, is a call to action. A dare - if you will - to love yourself more then you ever have before.

What does it mean to feel good in your body, confident, sexy... and how does that attitude and state of feeling good, have the power to transform your life?? 

Find out here! 

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