Essential Oils Have Been Prized For Their Therapeutic, Rejuvenative And Aromatic Powers For Thousands Of Years. 

The potent gifts of aromatic plants were celebrated since the time of Ancient Egypt, India and China, and used extensively through Greece, Rome, Europe, and now around the world today. 

doterra essential oil

I grew up with my mom and her twin sister, my aunt, using essential oils and I loved how they made me feel better, uplifted my mood, got rid of germs, and brought us together sharing quality time. 

Now, as a mom of twin boys and as a woman dedicated to health and vitality, it's important to me to use natural pure therapeutic grade essential oils from healing plants for my family. 

I Am Thrilled To Be Sharing Information About How Pure Essential Oils Can Uplift Wellbeing, Empowerment, Sustainability And Prosperity Worldwide.

Essential oils offer incredible benefits for vitality, energy, clarity, calm, and spiritual upliftment. These pure oils offer natural choices for personal care, family wellness, home cleaning, body care products and more. 

Discover why using pure therapeutic quality essential oils is so vital for our wellbeing. 

I Only Use And Recommend Essential Oils That Are Rigorously Tested By Independent Labs To Ensure Purity And Potency, As Well As From Plants Grown Indigenously And Sourced Ethically And Sustainably, Supporting Local Farmers Globally.

It's important before using essential oils to ensure that they are free of synthetic fragrances, GMO's, pesticides, heavy metals, mold, mildew and diluting agents.

This is why I use the highest quality oils that are tested to certify for purity beyond organic standards.

Find out more about how these oils can enhance your wellbeing...

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