What is cacao - Raw Chocolate?



USF cacao beans and nibs are indeed raw. The cacao paste is stone-ground and raw. USF cacao powder has 20-24% cacao fat content fulfilling the necessary specification to be a raw processed cacao powder; but, from South American cacao beans and not hybrid beans. The real question for me is, why eat a cacao seed in whatever form, anyway? Cacao is consumed by animals in the wild but they do not have the luxury of enjoying cacao in its most palate pleasing state. Cacao seeds have to be sun-dried and fermented to bestow its complex flavor profile and unique bitter, floral, citrus, and aromatic dimensions. Flavor is significant but the more important reason to eat cacao is for its mineral, nutritional, and chemical make up. Dietary minerals are found in all natural foods but are in the highest concentrations in foods from where soils are nurtured by organic, permaculture, biodynamic practices or having the grace of being developed naturally in the plants indigenous environment. Cacao originated in Central and South America. Cacao growing in any other region is a stranger to its indigenous roots making it susceptible to detrimental genetic variations and most commonly diminished genome by human-induced hybridization. Actual superfoods have entered into the pattern of food choices because most all foods available even those purchased from local farmers markets often are grown in mineral deficient soils, with municipal polluted water, and from hybrid strains of original plant foods. Cacao can be eaten raw from the pod with its sweet, white, jelly fruit. It is a wonderful experience but it is not chocolate. Cacao seeds transform into a mineral-dense, nutrient-rich, delicious food of the gods, through gentle sun drying and a delicate, well-developed method of fermentation. This process enhances the seeds flavor and in my opinion its nutritional caliber. Minerals and their correlate “informational codes” are why I eat. Through adequate mineral saturation to the cells, allows the body to function optimally. If you eliminate all toxicity, sustaining life of the body rests on proper mineralization. If, at the moment you cannot live in wild nature where food grows abundantand with perfected mineral profile, superfoods are a doorway to reach high levels of health until you get there. To pursue your personally meaning goals, the body needs not be a hindrance. To allow your body to be a catalyst for your pursuit - clean, mineral-rich foods is the smooth and gentle path to health. Cacao powder and butter should be limited to specific recipe applications and used for needed performance variables. Cacao liqueur/paste, in my opinion, should replace and be used instead of cacao powder and butter. Cacao butter and powder has to go through an additional step of processing that I suspect is not necessary for most food preparation applications. You can melt the cacao paste in a food dehydrator or glass double boiler and incorporate it in recipes in replacement to powder and butter. To sum up this curious and far-reaching diatribe, eat cacao from South America if you seek a variety worth eating and enjoy cacao beans, nibs, or liqueur/paste if you seek raw chocolate. Ultimate Superfoods will soon have cleardocumentation of the cacao stone grinders and stone and wood presses used to produce the cacao liqueur/paste, powder, and butter. A note from the Founder:


We are releasing 35 videos on start to finish processing of all our products with all product specific temperatures presented. This will include the temperatures inside the machines (when machines utilized) where the “real” contact temperature and most nutrient damage occur. There is Total Transparency andanyone can see our equipment as it is of the most elemental and rudimentary. The magic is not in the equipment, the magic is in the densely packed nutrient rich soil and the heirloom foods that we cultivate thereof and harvest. When you watch the videos you will come into full cognition of why you feel the way you do with our products. The other thing to always ask “who” is using what? I find the most vital people who have mastered discernment use our products if they have been introduced to them. The most vital beings usually are a bit more sensitive to nutrients and toxins than the rest. This is the common rule of life- Emulate what you want to be. The final goal is to evolve into your ultimate consciousness. You grow into consciousness by minimizing toxins and increasing minerals & other nutrients. Consciousness is simply the attenuation of the art of feeling. Feeling is everything. Our Ultimate world is competition free. We welcome all purveyors of “superfoods” to rise up and “compete” with us at our level, so more may come into full-conscious being to assist in the conscious transformation of our planet. Author: Brian Miller - USF Sales Representative

Posted on January 23, 2010 and filed under Raw Food, Superfoods, Health & Beauty.